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Go to God Sumber :

6 March 2013

[Daily Devotional]

Go to God

1 John 2:17

The world and its desires pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.

Bible Reading for A Year:Psalm66;0Mark10;Numbe15-16

This world is going to disappear soon, we do not know when, no one knows except the Father, but it will soon disappear. When His coming is getting closer, the world looks different from the kingdom of heaven. What sets it apart?

What world wants to pursue is different to what God wants to pursue. What world pursues maybe is an abundant treasure. It actually has good intention so that those we love are not displaced. However, have we ever thought that we had displaced them unconsciously  because of the pursuit of money and instead of family togetherness?

These pursuits could be the fame, status, power, acceptance of others, respect from others, or other things that will come to an end soon.

If we know that those desires will soon disappear, then what is the point? Though we do not know what it will be for the next day.

It would be wonderful if we pursue the Lord. God is not going to play hide and seek with us, he is easily found, just as far as the knee to the floor and only a hand cupped together with closed eyes and a sincere request. Not only that, God can also be found in all occasions, in all circumstances, in all our actions which are pleasing to His sight. Go to the Lord for all things, He has the solution.

Just do your best, and give it all to God and He will act upon you. The guarantee is that He will never leave nor even let us step alone.

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