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Being Cornered Sumber :

11 August 2013

[Daily Devotional]

Being Cornered

Luke 6:28

Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you

Bible Reading for A Year:Psalm42;itimo6;isaia37-38

On Sunday morning, D.L Moody went into a house in Chicago, United States, to take the children to Sunday school. During his visit, three people led him into a corner and threatened him, "Wait a minute," said Moody. "Give me a chance to pray first, ok?" Those men then allowed him to ask God's help, and Moody prayed for them seriously so they eventually left that place.

If I were Moody, I would probably shout for help or escape through the back door. I'm not sure that I will obey what Lord Jesus taught to His disciples: "Pray for the people of evil against you" (Luke 6:28 NIV).

Pray for those who treat us badly is one way to "[do] something good to those who hate [us]" (0luke6:27). Jesus explains that a Christian is not meritorious if they only do something good to those who are kind to him. He said, "People are sinners do so" (0luke6:33). But, blessing those who persecute us ( roman12:14) will make us different from them and make us like God the Most High, for He is good to a wicked man (0luke6:35).

Today, if you feel "cornered" by someone, find a safe path for yourself if the situation is urgent, and follow the teaching of Jesus: Pray for that person (0luke23:24). Prayer is your best defense - JBS

Repay kindness with kindness is natural, repay evil with kindness is noble.


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