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1 September 2013

September 2013
[Daily Devotional]

Believe in Eternal Life

1 John 5:13

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.

Bible Reading for A Year:Psalm63;0Mark13;Hosea6-7

When writing a letter to the early church , the apostle John wanted to make something very clear : God offers His children an eternal life. Men and women in Christ should not fear to any physical death, because their lives are safe in Jesus .

Verse which became the core of God"s word today is so unique because John directly stated his purposes in writing . And when we read 1 John 5:13 , we know that he wanted to strengthen believers about the eternal life in Christ .

The base of the truth is located on :

1 . The promises of God are not changed . Many times in the Gospels and epistles, the apostle states that the certainty of God is never end. For example, he cited Jesus's promise about the eternity in 0John3:16,0John6:40, and 0John10:27-30.

2 . God's love is unconditional . Father loves us so that He wants something that is eternal. It is about the intimate relationship with each of us . In order to get this, He showed His love in an extraordinary way: by providing our salvation at a great price (roman5:6-11,roman8:33-39).

3 . The work of Christ on the cross . By offering His life as a sacrifice for our names, Jesus provided the means of salvation once and for all . Our part is to receive the gift that is freely given (hebre10:23-28).

4 . Witness of the Spirit of God to our hearts . Father put His Holy Spirit within each believer to testify about the truth of our salvation (roman8:15-17).

The Bible tells us that we can have a complete assurance of salvation in Jesus Christ. Is your daily life reflect this belief ?

Eternal life is not just a fairy tale. It is real and available to those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sumber :

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