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Naomi Febriani

Official Writer

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Although she already has one grandchild, Ibu Milka had a longing to hold the grandchild from her only daughter. One day, this longing was fulfilled by the Lord; her only daughter was pregnant. Throughout the period of pregnancy, Ibu Milka never stopped praying for her daughter and trying to help with all their needs. The D-day came, but her daughter could not give birth so the doctor suggested an injection to prepare for a C section.

In such a desperate a condition, Ibu Milka could do nothing but to pray asking for God’s help, because she believes that God’s palms are open to those who are in need. Long story short, Ibu Milka went through the surgery and the long awaited grandchild was born. Ibu Milka was really grateful for all that happened, because she could witness the workings of God’s miracles in her own life.

3 days after the birth of her grandchild, Ibu Milka contacted Sahabat 24 via SMS:

“Shalom. Good morning! Thank you for the prayer team who has supported my daughter Merlin in prayer. She has given birth 3 days ago and by the help of Lord Jesus, everything went well. May God bless us all. From Ibu Mika.” – 0821562xxxxx.

Just like Ibu Milka, Sahabat 24 also had a longing to continue serving souls who are in need of assistance through their struggle. Please keep on supporting our Sahabat 24 ministry by signing up as a CBN Partner. Fill in this form below or send us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960. If you have a longing, never stop hoping and praying because God’s miracle will surely be realized in your life.

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