The Bug Zoo
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The Bug Zoo

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Proverbs 30:25

The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their food in the summer.


Bible Reading for a Year [bible]psalm116[/bible]; [bible]iipet3[/bible]; [bible]ezeki38-39[/bible]


A bug zoo in Philadelphia with more than 100,000 live insects entertains 75,000 visitors a year. The Insectarium’s founder and proprietor says, “I’ve got a million more bugs still in storage.”

He points to boxes, cookie tins, and other containers piled floor-to-ceiling, filled with dead bugs from around the globe. Movies, holograms, microscopes, and games keep people of all ages occupied. There’s even a scale to weigh yourself in ladybugs, fireflies, and other creatures.

In Proverbs 30, a wise man named Agur also showcases insects and other small creatures. He calls them small but very wise.

Look at the ant. He’s weak, but his Creator has taught him to use whatever strength he has to prepare for the future. Consider the locust. He has no king, but when his numbers multiply, God has taught him how to line up and move as one. Look at the spider. He too is a lowly creature, but by using the ability God gives him, he rises to high places.

Do you sometimes feel small and insignificant like an insect? When you do, remember that God showcases His wisdom and greatness through even the smallest things. That’s because His “strength is made perfect in weakness” (2 Cor. 12:9).


God’s wisdom is given to those who humbly ask Him for it.

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