A True Story: I Have Something that Nobody Has

A True Story: I Have Something that Nobody Has

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Nowadays, many gospel singers get success in secular musics. One of them is a senior singer, Lita Zein. Her existence in a vocal group, Elfa’s Singer, which often brings Indonesia going international has no more doubt. This time, Jawaban has succeed interviewing her and we want to share it with you.

Name    : Lita Zein

Date of Birth: Bandung/ January 22, 1967

Hobby : Browsing the internet

Please tell us the beginning of your carreer in music!

Professionally, I chose singing as my carreer in 1986 when Elfa recruited me as a personnel of Elfa’s Singers. Before I was recruited, I had already sung in several schools, churches, and festivals for many times. My mother is a singer and my father is a fan of musics. Therefore, music has become the part of my family.

Life has many options. Why do you choose singing?

In 1986, Elfa recruited me. At that time, I knew that I will have been handled by the right man. Elfa has a good musical background and we were trained to be a solid group music at that time.

In the beginning, my parents did not agree. The reason is music could not support my life. However, I told them that there will no more second chance and I knew that Elfa’s Singers is not triffled. My parents eventually gave me a permit.

They suggested me to be more serious. If one day, I failed, I had to accept its consequences. When I was being recruited, I had been studying at Foreign Academy. So, I had to choose one of them.

When did you sing gospel songs?

Before I accepted Jesus, I only sang gospel songs for demands or just because I wanted to sing it. But, since I joined Nindy Ellesse and got involved in Unity Music Ministry, I began to learn the words of God. When JPCC was established, Uthe and I offered ourselves to be singers.  At church, we are not thinking to have a great name. We are same before God.

 Nowadays, there are many new singers. Are you afraid?

I used to be envy when I met new singers at that time. I felt that I was being threatened! But after I have Jesus in my life yet I am not young anymore, I am never afraid. That’s life and we have to face it whether you like it or not! I believe that I have something that nobody has. If we have character and do not imitate other singers because we are never better than someone who we imitate.

By our character and willingness to keep learning, we will always be exist. Moreover, I have a great God. I believe that His blessing is never done for us if we always rely on Him.


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