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Education is crucial to raising a generation who are competent and qualified in their own respective fields. As such, education is prioritized by some people. For Andro, a respondent of CBN TV programs, education is a very important thing, as he lives in a remote village and it is really hard to get in touch with educational materials. This makes education something quite expensive for him. Andro’s family lives in poverty, which made it even harder for him to pursue college education.

One midnight, while feeling anxious because he had to bury his dream to go to college, Andro witnessed a testimony in Solusi program. When hearing the testimony, his faith was sparked and he immediately decided to contact the call center of Solusi to confess his struggles and ask for prayer support. Andro was struck with a new passion, and soon he decided to travel to Batam to find work, no longer wishing to sit around in his home doing nothing.

Once he arrived in Batam, Andro did not have to wait long to get a job. And what was more amazing, God even granted his wish to continue his education. Andro was really amazed and expressed his gratitude to the Lord for the miracle that He has realized in his life. He also expressed his gratitude to the counseling team who have motivated him to pursue his goals and dreams.

Nothing is impossible to God. Paths that seem to be blocked, God can open for us. Let us serve as the extension of God’s blessings hands to be the key to all who knock on His door by signing up today as a CBN Partner. The contribution you make to our ministry will bring a lot of positive impacts to many people across tribes and nations. Fill in this form below or send us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960.


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