Why is The Birth of Jesus Delivered to the Shepherd?

Why is The Birth of Jesus Delivered to the Shepherd?

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In the same part of the country, men were taking care of sheep. They were in the field watching their sheep at night. An angel of the Lord came to them and a bright light from the Lord shone all around them. They were very much afraid. The angel said to them, `Fear not! Listen, I bring you good news! This news will make you very glad. It is for all people. A saviour has been born for you today in David's town. He is Christ the Lord. This is the way you will know him. You will find a baby wrapped in a cloth, lying in a box where cows feed. (Luke 2:8-12)

The birth of the Savior has become the wonderful news and gave great joy to all over the world. The proof is, God asked an angel to deliver it directly and not through the prophets. Meanwhile, the recipients of that news were the shepherds. It is very contrast since they are from marginal clans and being underestimated by others.

Though there is a little information that we may gain from them, they predictably do not understand about some religious practices because of their isolated circumstances (meadow). Moreover, they should completely concentrate on looking after their flocks.  

In one of Jews traditions (related to the journal of Mishnah), there is a belief that Messiah will be born from Migdal Eder (tower of the flocks).  This tower was established near to Bethlehem on the way to Jerusalem. The flocks which were surrounding to this tower are not commonly sheep. The shepherd guard of that area has a responsibility to look after the temple-flocks which will be used for sacrifice.

At this point, we may see the reason why God chose the shepherds. Those who are responsible to look after the sacrificial flocks had received a divine message of the Great Lamb who will wipe away our sins through His death and resurrection.

God delivered the birth of Messiah to the shepherds whom never observed the sky, looked for the sign, or learnt about theology for years. The shepherds only did their duties to look after their flocks while they never thought about whether they would accept the news of the birth of the Savior to this world. If He conceived that they are important, and so are you. Are you also important? Do you think God may deliver great things to you? The answer is yes.


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