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Naomi Febriani

Official Writer

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Satan is really clever at deceiving and manipulating humans. He always takes pleasure in planting into our mind worries and images of terrible future prospects and outcomes. There is a lot of fear that Satan created in order to make us doubt the existence of God, and to get rid of peace from our lives. This was also what Satan did to Isti’s life at that time. Read her testimony below.

Being a college student in Java Island was not easy for Isti to face on her own, especially since her hometown is in the eastern part of Indonesia. However, as time went on, Isti could eventually adapt. The advanced semester finally came and Isti got to submit her thesis proposal. It was during this moment that Isti came across a trial from Satan. After 16 times submitting her proposal to her advisor, Isti was met with rejection, over and over again. She was angry and desperate, to the point of blaming God for not helping her at all. She stopped coming to church and her spiritual relationship with the Lord went sour.

During her struggle, Isti decided to share her burden with her mother, but her mother instead gave her the contact number of Sahabat 24 counseling service, where Isti could share all her burden and ask for prayer support for all her difficulties. Soon, Isti followed her mother’s advice. And after pouring her heart’s content and prayed together with Sahabat 24, Isti felt peace that had been long gone in her heart.

Not long after, Isti contacted Sahabat 24 once again to inform that her long 6 month wait finally came to an end. Her advisor finally accepted her proposal. Isti was grateful and expressed her thanks to the counselors of Sahabat 24 who had supported her and prayed for her, being there for her during her most frustrating moments. Isti regretted having blamed God and made a promise to return being active in church ministry and serving God.

Please keep supporting the counselors of Sahabat 24, so we can continue serve and come to the aid of the souls who are in need of support. Join us today as a CBN Partner by filling in this form below or by sending us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960.

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