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To know love means to know God. This is already mentioned in the Bible “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” – 1 John 4:8 and there are still many other Bible verses that talk about love, an example and a legacy that God has left for us humans.

The closest one, a sibling relationship must involve a lot of love, mutual care and affection. Loving someone, apart from being expressed through words, can also be expressed directly through action and gestures. This was what Lina did as she contacted Sahabat 24 to ask for prayer support for her brother Epin, who was lying in a coma on the hospital bed.

Out of her amazing love, Lina constantly prayed so that her brother would wake up from his coma. Today, Epin has regained his consciousness and immediately reached out to Sahabat 24 through SMS. “Shalom, I’m Epin from Karawang. Around 2 weeks ago, I fell into a coma and had to receive treatments in the hospital. My sister came to ask for prayer support to Sahabat 24. Praise the Lord, by your support, I am cured from my sickness and God has recovered my health. May all the prayers you deliver in my name be repaid by the Lord upon you many times over. Thank you Sahabat 24, Jesus blesses us all. Amen.” Epin, +62813807xxxxx.

Have you properly shared love with one another? Let us follow the example of Lina who has an amazing love for her brother by supporting Sahabat 24 so that we can continue to serve and pray for otherbrothers and sisters who are in need of strength by joining us today as a CBN Partner. Fill in this form below or send us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960.

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