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The Bible never tells the story of figures who achieved success because they already possessed great qualities in them. Instead, all of them began with shortcomings and flaws, before they were used by God to perform amazing things. Goliath was defeated by a small stone. Jesus only chose twelve disciples to change the world. He challenged the storm with a few words. Small matter in the hands of Christ can make a huge impact and difference. The question for us now is, are we willing to surrender the matters of our lives to Him? These following stories below are expected to serve as inspiration of how simple and trivial present to God can bless us in ways that we could never imagine before.

Maria never dreamt of raising two doctors in his family. She knew that medical school is expensive. “After joining as CBN Partner 10 years ago, I feel increasingly blessed that I can also be a blessing for someone else. At the time I decided to join, my financial condition was struggling. My first child applied to a medical school, which needed a lot of money. But I was reminded through Genesis 26:1, just like how Isaac kept on sowing and was able to reap the 100 times what he sowed in the same year, thanks to God’s blessing,” said Maria. Read her full testimony here 

"The greatest struggle after our marriage is owning our own house and the Partner Prayer Day was the perfect opportunity for us to ask for prayer support,” said Ferdian. Ferdian is one of CBN Partners who have witnessed for himself what amazing things God can do to his lives when he and his wife decided to believe. Did they get the house they have been longing for in the end? Find this answer here 

The third testimony here may serve us a reminder that God can use even a disaster to bless us. After a fire took down her shoes-retail business overnight, Feni still relied upon God and never once considered to stop sowing and giving. “I did not know how, but all my debts, workers’ wage, holiday bonus, and all other expenses could be convered. I could even find a new spot to reopen my business at a more strategic location. If we try to process it logically, this is impossible. But in God, everything is indeed possible.” Said Feni whose full testimony can be read here 

What else are holding us back from sowing? The three people above are ordinary people that decide to participate in a ministry that makes an amazing impact for the Kingdom of God. It is now your turn, have you joined us as a CBN Partner?

Fill in this form below or send us a message in this format JC # Full Name # Email to 081.5965.5960. Do not pass this opportunity to take part in God’s work through CBN ministry. Your decision to join us is a form of trust upon Him who is capable of returning what you sow many times more. Happy sowing!

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Margaretha Ltor 15 May 2020 - 11:07:59

Apa yg kita harus lakukan,,untuk tau ada atau tida.. more..

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tolala 2 May 2020 - 03:25:35

Covid 19

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