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True Story of Tan Danwy who was Fortuned That He Would Die in 2 Years

 Mon November 4th, 2013

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For many people, fortune-telling is a shortcut to find certainty in life. But does fortune-telling truly tell you the certainty? Fortune-telling, it turns out, gave nothing. And this is what Tan Danwy finally realized.

Tan Danwy, or more often called Anwy, was raised in a family which was much attached to traditions and often went to a fortune-teller. Without asking the fortune-teller, Anwy did not feel confident. He ran various rites to get blessings, without knowing where they came from.

Until one moment, Anwy was fortuned that he would be dead at 29.

"At that time, I was 27 years old. I was told that my age could not be longer—only 29 years. I felt frightened, because it would come to pass that I would experience inevitable disaster. I was not ready for the death, because I haven"t done anything during life. I also had no idea where I should go, to heaven or hell. I did not know my life"s destiny, either. "

Anwy did some ways to survive.

"I did anything to live longer to the point that I became a vegetarian. I did what people said right. Until one point, I did not find what my life"s purpose was. That led me to emptiness. I turned into disappointed, bitter, and angry man. I did everything emotionally. I could not fully concentrate on my activities because I was always haunted by the fear of my death. I kept thinking about that until I got stressed. At that moment I regretted for the fortune-telling I have heard. If only I did not hear the fortune-telling, probably my spirit of alive was not changed. When I wanted to think that the fortune-telling did not exist and I did not believe in it, I felt afraid. Should I run into the death that the fortune-teller told me? Finally I carried through and I was still alive at 29."

Because of that incident, Anwy"s heart began to feel doubtful. Besides, in 1998 the business that he was proud of collapsed in the blink of an eye.

"I had my own pride in my business. There was certain contentment when I was able to do something without others" interference. However, I had built a business from 1996 until 1998, and it was all in vain. What I had already gained in two years returned to zero. All were out of my hands. When my business was hit by a disaster, I felt powerless. At the point I had nothing, I just found that I was not able to do everything with my own strength."

Anwy did not realize that there was a power which much bigger that his own power. And that was the only power which was able to fill the emptiness in his life.

"I was introduced and invited into a seminar. Since I was very curious, I attended the seminar. And I felt something spoke to me, "You did not choose me, but I chose you." That was a calling to me. There was such trembling, just like an anointment. When someone prayed for me, I felt like I was released. And when I woke up, I felt extraordinary joy. I began to be able to worship God. That"s the beginning of my acquaintance with God. That"s something that I could not buy. That"s what I never found when I was a child—I already found this thing by the age of 33. There"s something different. There"s something I could not ever feel before. That"s when I was touched by God"s anointment. That day, I finally understand, "Oo, this came from God"s power, not other"s"."

Anwy has found precious thing in his life. God"s love has changed Anwy"s whole life.

"In the past when I did not know God, I had no life principal. What people said, that"s what I did. Now when I am in God, I have purposes in life. My life is so meaningful—not only for me but also for others, my family and people surrounding me. I feel that all this time God"s love has filled my whole life. Every single thing that I do according to God"s Word is never in vain," Tan Danwy assuredly ended his testimony.



Tan Danwy

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